Why join the Finnish Documentary Guild?

The Finnish Documentary Guild brings together professionals working with or studying documentary film in Finland. Membership is a good way to hear about what is happening in the industry in Finland and to get to know to fellow colleagues.

At the moment the Documentary Guild serves its members mainly in Finnish language, but non-Finnish speakers are also welcome to join the activities.

The Documentary Guild has an email list informing members about its activities and other news related to the documentary field. The Guild carries out Doggariklubi screenings of new domestic documentary films as well as seminars and discussions on topical issues. The Guild also organizes festival and market trips abroad and brings foreign filmmakers to visit Finland. The association holds an annual meeting as well as a get-together in the spring and a traditional pre-Christmas party with a professional event at the end of the year. In addition members receive a membership benefit each year at the DocPoint Helsinki Documentary Film Festival.

As a member you are also making a difference in helping the documentary filmmakers’ voice be heard. The greater number the Finnish Documentary Guild has members, the more attention and importance it will gain in lobbying better resources for documentary filmmaking in Finland.

How to join the Finnish Documentary Guild?

In order to join, you can fill out the form below or send an email to the board of the association to info@dokumenttikilta.fi. Please mention which membership category would apply to you and tell us a few words about your background and relationship to documentary film (education, work experience, interests).

The board of the Documentary Guild handles the applications in its meetings once a month. After the meeting the applicants are contacted and provided with the payment information.

Starting from 2020 the association has several membership categories to choose from, with different membership fees.

  •  Regular membership 40 € / year
  •  Student membership 20 € / year
  •  Support membership 100 € / year

In addition the Documentary Guild can elect honorary members who are exempt from fees.

Paying the student membership fee requires current full time studies.

Anyone making documentary films, working with documentaries, studying the field or wishing to support documentary filmmaking in Finland is welcome apply for membership!

Translations for the form below

Nimi = Name

Sähköposti = Email

Postiosoite = Postal address

Postinumero = Postal number

Postitoimipaikka = City

Ammatti = Profession

Vapaamuotoinen hakemusteksti = Application text

Tietoni saa julkaista verkkosivujen jäsenluettelossa = My name can be published in the membership list on the website

Lähetä = send








    Vapaamuotoinen hakemusteksti*

    Tietoni saa julkaista verkkosivujen jäsenluettelossa.