Doggariklubi presents Colombia in My Arms

Doggariklubi presents the film Colombia in My Arms on Wednesday the 3rd of June, at 5.30 pm. 
The screening of the film will be followed by a discussion with directors Jenni Kivistö and Jussi Rastas. The discussion is moderated by Elizabeth Marschan, a board member of The Finnish Documentary Guild.

Please see the safety instructions of the Cinema Orion to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

The much-celebrated peace agreement runs Colombia into chaos.
Ernesto is one of many leftist FARC guerrillas who want to fight for a better society, but this time by political means. As Ernesto dreams about toppling the current elite, both a passionate right-wing politician and a descendant of Spanish conquistadors want to rescue the country from the FARC terrorists. Meanwhile, the farmers cultivating coca could escape poverty, but only if the peace agreement is respected.
While Colombia faces a crucial opportunity for change, the characters balance at the edge of their morals. Many think the war is senseless but are willing to take justice into their own hands if necessary – even at the cost of peace. What happens to a very fragile peace in an unequal country if doing the ‘wrong’ thing may easily be justified as the only viable means of struggle?

Colombia in My Arms has received praising reviews; it has been screened at many festivals and won several awards. The film was awarded the Dragon Award for Best Nordic Documentary 2020 at the Gothenburg Film Festival.

The screening is possibly the last chance to see the film on the big screen in Helsinki, accompanied by a discussion with the filmmakers.

Running time: 91 min.
Age limit: 18
Language: Spanish, English
Subtitles: English
Written and directed by Jenni Kivistö, Jussi Rastas
Cinematography by Jussi Rastas
Edited by Jenni Kivistö, Jussi Rastas, Sully Reed, Antti Jääskeläinen
Music composed by Povl Kristian
Produced by Markku Tuurna / Filmimaa Ltd

Cinema Orion, Eerikinkatu 15, Helsinki
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The screening series is funded by AVEK and the Finnish Documentary Guild.