DocPoint Festival Award-Winners

The awards of the DocPoint Helsinki Documentary Film Festival were announced on Saturday the 1st of February. The Finnish Documentary Guild participated in hosting the award ceremony at the cinema Bio Rex.

The Critic’s Choice Award was awarded to the film Lady Time. The film is directed by Elina Talvensaari and produced by Emilia Haukka and Jussi Rantamäki at Aamu Film Company. The choice was made by Nick Holdsworth, a critic writing for The Modern Times Review. Holdsworth says: “This is a poetic, lyrical and poignant film about time and loneliness – when a young woman expecting a baby buys an apartment with her husband, they find it comes with all the belongings – and memories – of the unmarried old lady who had lived there. She died with no living relatives and all the contents – including 8mm films – became the property of the young couple… This is a subtle and compulsive film that quietly draws you into a lost world… As the narrator/director says: ‘It is a bit difficult to get to know dead people.’” Holdsworth will write about the film in international publications.

The DocPoint 2020 Audience Award went to the film Kelet. The film is directed by Susani Mahadura and produced by Baba Lybeck Productions. During the festival week, the audience cast their vote for the Audience Award from the Finnish programme. The winning film received a 2000-euro award sponsored by Angel Films. Kelet was also the film that gained the biggest audience at this year’s DocPoint Festival.

DocPoint – Helsinki Documentary Film Festival, organised for the 19th time from January 27 to February 2, set a new record with 32 000 people attending the festival.