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  • Finnish Documentary Guild strives for promoting documentary film as an independent field of art.
  • Oversees the benefits of the people working with documentary films
  • Represents documentary film in discussions and decision making
  • Strives for the better knowledge and visibility of documentary films
  • Brings together the different documentary film makers
  • Acts as an representative and expert of Finnish documentary film

The Guild organizes documentary film screenings and happenings in Finland and abroad; festival trips, discussions and film training.

The Guild organizes a regular cine club in Helsinki, consisting of screenings and debates about the phenomena related on documentary films. Also international  meetings with film makers from different cultures have been organised since the beginning. The Guild organizes excursions to festivals abroad.

The Finnish Documentary Guild pleads for the Finnish documentary film making by taking up a stand on current issues dealing with the subject. Furthermore, the Guild had functioned as a back round organization for DocPoint – Helsinki Documentary Film Festival and has also succeeded in establishing a category for Finnish documentary films in “Jussit” Film Awards.

The members of the board are: Joonas Berghäll (chairman), Inderjit Khalsa, Venla Hellstedt, Jari Kokko, Saija Mäki-NevalaMarkku Tuurna, Elina Kivihalme (debuty member), Einari Paakkanen (debuty member) and Salla Sorri (debuty member).

If you are interested in joining or if you have any questions about The Finnish Documentary Guild, please take contact to the Executive Director Tapio Riihimäki (info[at]